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We have been building boats at Nidelv since 1929. Through changing times we have managed to stay focussed on that which is most important to us: Building boats to be proud of. We are convinced that this vision has made us successful in prosperous times, and kept us afloat when the market has dried up. We know that many of our customers share our experience. They are very proud of their boats. Many are regular customers and often upgrade - to a new Nidelv.

Our way of thinking has been written into our business concept:
We shall develop, build and sell pleasure boats with maritime qualities that we are proud of!

Our vision:
We shall provide our customers with unique boating pleasure!

What is boating pleasure? It varies from person to person and we want every customer to take pleasure in a new boat long before delivery. Boating pleasure starts with the choices that makes your boat unique.

Our boats are built by hand, not just assembled at a factory. This provides a sense of quality of craftsmanship and installations that makes the boat feel safe and substantial – even before you leave the jetty.

We are experienced sailors as well and know what works on board. User-friendliness and sea keeping ability are important key words. Little to cause irritation and safety under way are keystones of enjoyable boating.

In many people’s opinion maintaining the boat is part of the pleasure. Others would rather have it done for them. People are different, and so we provide different solutions in this area as well. If you want to do most of the work yourself, you will find that the boat also is practical in this respect. Should you choose to have the maintenance done for you, just leave the key with us, or one of our distributors, and we will take care of the rest.

Nidelv International ASA, Malmveien 2, 4735 Evje, Norway, Tlf 41 78 98 88,