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About us



The ability to build solid boats, with
beautiful lines, has always been the foundation of Nidelv´s operations. And
this was exactly what the market was asking for.

Second hand Nidelv boats have a very
high value in the market because they are solid built and stays beautiful year
after year. That is what you get when you choose the best materials and have
good and dedicated workers.

In Nidelv we always focus on delivering
products that fully satisfies the customers needs and requirements.

In late 2010 the Nidelv name, rights and
moulds where sold to Nidelv International ASA and the production was moved to
China. More exactly to the city of Jiangyin in Jiangsu
province. (About two hours by car from Shanghai.) This move was necessary to
stay competitive and be closer to our sub-suppliers and a fast rising Chinese
leisure boat market.

All boats that are going to the
Norwegian market will still have their final touch done in Norway.

Nidelv International ASA, Malmveien 2, 4735 Evje, Norway, Tlf 41 78 98 88,